Since it’s release in 1985, Excel become one of the most widely used office-based computer programs around the world. Whether you are drawing up a budget or creating any sort of office database, chances are you will need to use Excel at some point.

If you plan to get a job in banking and finance, Excel is especially relevant. Excel can outline important financial results. It is excellent at analysing budgets and forecasts. Advanced formulas in Excel can allow complex calculations to be totaled up in minutes making it one of the most important programs you will learn to use. Did you know for instance, that Microsoft Excel employs 53 functions for financial calculations alone?

Excel Skills

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High levels of proficiency in Excel will increase your chances of getting a job. Not only will it impress potential employers, it will also open up a number of other opportunities for you as nearly all office jobs require some knowledge of Excel. There is a big difference between being able to create a basic spreadsheet and being able to utilize advanced functions like pivot tables. Therefore, going on an excel course can help set you apart from other candidates.

The importance of Excel skills in the Workplace

Now that spreadsheets store nearly all office data, Excel has become increasingly important. That’s why it’s essential for employee’s to know everything there is to know about the program. The difference between getting a simple formula right or wrong can have massive repercussions for a business. Imagine you were calculating figures for the annual budget and you make a serious mistake. Whist error’s can still occur regardless of training. People who have the right skills to use Excel properly will minimize the risk. Find out about taking CPD Accredited Excel Courses at:

How do I gain skills in Excel?

There are a multitude of online courses which can teach you the basics, but you are best off taking a Microsoft Certified Academy approved course which will teach you all the practical skills you will need to use Excel in the workplace. These courses can be taken online or in the classroom and the resulting qualification is a great addition to your CV.