The world economy has been a one of the longest and most significant slumps since the 1929 stock market nosedive, which has been dubbed by many a depression. During times when the economy is slow, many people will chose to stay in their current jobs and cling to safety. The economy is now returning to a more healthy condition so that is why 2017 a good time to find a new job

Find yourself a job in 2017
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Why is 2017 the time to move?

The past year has seen more activity amongst recruitment agents, which means that there are likely to be more interesting vacancies coming available.
This belief is further substantiated by the fact that the past year has witnessed positive signs about a faster moving economy. So those of us who have braved out the hard times, in the same job and possibly not moved ahead as normal have the ideal opportunity to move on.
 People may often not have enjoyed their job and will be keen to make a jump. As everyone starts to move more we can expect to see more labour movement, which means that more interesting job opportunities are likely to become vacant over the next year.

All of these indicators suggest that it could be a good time to think about moving on to a better job. However, it is not a decision to take lightly.

Get a great job in 2017
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I know that when you have hung onto a job that you dislike or are bored of and you decide to move, it is all too easy to jump at the first half attractive job that comes along. However, try to think long term and weigh up where you want to be heading over the next year or two. This may ensure that you follow a better path and get the job that will develop your career.  You should be willing to make an investment in your own development, if you identify any kind of weakness in your CV and potentially pursue a path of training or development.
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You should not be hostile to signing up for a training course to give you a relevant qualification which can help you make this jump from one job to another. Please go to to find out about gaining a new qualification.