Events must be managed because it’s essential to ensure businesses deliver what is required even under time constraints. This involves using prioritisation skills to schedule meetings as appropriate and showing the versatility to tackle challenges when they are encountered.

Here are my top 5 reasons why Event Management is a good skill to possess as a PA:

  • Event Management is increasingly expected to be run by a PA

You will be in a better position to be hired as a PA if you have event management skills. If you and another competitor meet all the requirements to become a PA and both of you are competing for the last remaining PA position, who do you think the interviewer will choose?

  • An interesting escape from your job

No matter how much you love your job, it can become quite mundane as tasks become repetitive. Therefore, the ability to manage events can be highly beneficial. It can be challenging but equally rewarding. Think of it as taking a breath of fresh air or a change of scenery.

  • Develop a broad skill-set

As an events manager, you will be expected to hold a lot of responsibilities such as organising the day, delegating tasks and managing your time effectively. Good communication skills are also key as you must pool the right people together to help out throughout the day. These skills will not only be useful in work but also in everyday life.

  • Career-enhancer

The ability to plan and execute events as small as simple group meetings to events as big as sporting events successfully can help you open many doors in life. Businesses, family, friends and even friends of friends will come running to you to do the job.

  • Managing budget

This forms a huge part of an event manager’s role. As part of the planning stage, a budget must be prepared. It’s used to determine whether an event is financially feasible. Improper management of money can result in a major loss of money and the company may even face bankruptcy.

Event management is incredibly beneficial. If you have limited or no experience with managing events, that’s Okay! I advise you to take part in a one-day practical workshop with the IEAA. You will learn all the technical skills you need and interesting ways to approach an event. Click here to apply for the IEAA event management training course.