There’s no better feeling than having a baby and building a family. But being a woman, you are often required to be a strong individual and work is not out of the question. Plus, being a professional, while also a working mum, has a certain personal delight both in terms of personal accomplishments and in terms of financial remuneration.

Coming back to work after having a family

Whether after maternity leave or after being unemployed for a certain period of time to look after your family, it’s not easy getting back to work-life. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you out.

Prepared for the Interview

One of the biggest issues most working mums in London are familiar with is the difficulty of having to spend time caring for your family in the eyes of other professionals. Due to the high competitiveness of most industries, showing the slightest sign that your family is more important than your job might be harmful to your potential to succeed. Thus, while honesty is the way forward, make sure that you are prepared to face some tough questions and forceful debates with colleagues.

How to be a Working Mum

Depending on the reasoning behind your decision to be one of the many working mums in London, you also need to be prepared for what’s to come. If you need the financial support that comes with work, make sure not to get the first position that comes your way. Instead, do some research and choose something that would be comfortable for you. Also, don’t forget that being away from your family is tough in any scenario. Thus, when at work, make sure not to be tough on yourself. Make sure to call a partner or a friend whenever you feel the need to hear a supportive voice. Plus, don’t forget that what you are doing will serve as a nice example for your children. Yet, also remember to find time to cherish every little moment that you have with your family when you are back home at the end of the hard and long workday.

Accreditation via Certified Courses

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome, especially if you have not been working for more than five years, is being marketable in the eyes of an employer. While most will be respectful towards your decision to spend a few years building a family, they would also want an individual who is extremely familiar with the type of work and experienced in their respective field. Usually, companies love to hire either fresh out of the oven college graduates or people with experience in a field who’ve just recently parted ways with another company.

Working Mums London

The Struggle of not having recent work experience

The struggle of not having recent work experience is true for almost every industry and is extremely notable in any office-related work environment. That’s why acquiring proper accreditation via certified courses is one of the best bets for working mums in London to be marketable in a sought after position. Having just recently finished a course to refresh your skill will show your potential employer that you are dedicated to the work you specialize in.

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