Many people in London struggle to get their first job when they first arrive, both from within the UK and from overseas. Quite often it is due to not having a relevant set of skills for the London job market or failing to adapt your skills to the London job market.

Working in London

This is often due to a lack of experience or lack of skills. However, there is a wide range of solutions to ensure that you are able to gain the experience and skills to get your first job. Firstly, you can get some training from a reputable trainer. Qualification is vital for the recruiters to put you forward for a job. This shows you have the skills from a London based trainer that shows your intent and commitment to developing a career working in London. Secondly, you can build your experience and confidence by finding related jobs. This will develop your confidence to land higher-level jobs permanently in the future.

Getting the skills for Jobs

Many successful PAs have started out in temp roles to gain some good money and gain experience in a role that they want to gain in the future. This is a great way to build up the work experience that is so vital to gain more senior roles in the UK. However, to gain these contracts you will still need relevant skills and qualifications.

What Qualifications are required?

The best thing to do is ensure that you find accredited courses. This ensures that there is a standard in delivery and a recognised qualification for graduates. This still may not be enough as you need to check from past reviews. Finally, be sure to check that the training course is classroom-based. The course will need practical elements to it as well.

Remember that it is important to gain IT skills and Typing skills, as required.

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