It can be very difficult to manage being a mother of young children and continuing your career. Given the hectic lifestyle and workload of many PAs, it can be very stressful. However, there are ways to manage your time and address any balance issues in your work-life ratio. Many working mums feel that their work is never finished and there simply is not enough time in a day. This is a problem that can strike even the most organised women. In reality, you cannot escape the fact that you are bound to be extremely busy and life will not be as carefree as in the past. However, you can free up more time for yourself; here are some techniques, which you can use to try and manage your valuable time.


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Many mothers try to ease their workload by multitasking their household work, or even in the workplace. For some this works really well, but for other this can be disastrous. The main reason that it can go wrong is that you can run out of time and leave two tasks incomplete. Be systematic in focusing on your tasks. Avoid becoming distracted from the task at hand, whether in the office or at home. This means when you get home, try to switch off thinking about work and vice versa. This focus will help you complete your tasks faster. Only take a break to reward yourself when you have completed the tasks. Keep work and home life separate. This is difficult to do in reality. However, PAs who are constantly thinking of work at home are likely to be less effective doing their daily home chores. Likewise, at work try to put on your PA hat at the door, this focus will help you get through the working day much faster.

Working Mothers and maternity

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·          Set tasks and goals. Set realistic goals and tasks, so that you can fairly assess when you work is complete.

·          Do not put things off. Putting off tasks can make the whole day go slowly and you can become highly ineffective. If there is something you do not enjoy, try to jump into the task and complete it rather than delay the inevitable.

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Addressing the balance of your work life and home life

Flexi working
Fortunately, we work in an industry where there are plenty of working from home or flexi hours options. If you are in a PA job, you may wish to discuss more flexible hours or working from home, on key days. This is very possible with the advances in remote working, internet and telecoms.

Changing Jobs
Many PAs also change jobs,to more family friendly PA roles, if their employer is unwilling to amend their routine to fit in with their family.

Working from home
Finally, there is an option to work from home as your own boss. There are many successful, enterprising mothers, who have decided to start their own VA business.

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