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Are you looking to work as an accountant or in finance? Organisations who are looking to hire people with finance skills want to hire those who know and have a solid understanding of finance, accounting and bookkeeping. Increasingly, PAs and Admin assistants are expected to have some basic finance skills- PAs and admin assistants are required to make postings for expenses and maintain financial budgets at work. It also opens the options to have a Finance Career. Sometimes, there are people who work in finance who do not fully understand the task they carry out. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that people complete an AAT qualification because it will provide a clear and a solid understanding of the knowledge needed to effectively carry out their tasks at work.

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This AAT accounting qualification is well-respected and recognized with 125,000 members all over the world. Moreover, it is required to apply for most accountancy or finance roles. In addition, with this qualification is recognised by Chartered Accountant qualifications meaning that exemptions from their exams are permitted.

The keyword ‘AAT’ is a huge attention grabber- recruiters are more than likely to Impress the employers by having this qualification on your CV- raise the bar and stand out from the crowd.

Take up a course to gain a recognised qualification and also an advantage over your competitors when applying for jobs.

AAT Bookkeeping Courses

AAT Bookkeeping Course details

Do you want to gain an AAT qualification? You can do so by taking the AAT Bookkeeping courses Level 1 and Level 2 in London for a relatively affordable price of £499 each. The courses are specially designed so that everything you need to know is covered. Additionally, you will be taught by a live tutor who is a Chartered Accountant- guidance and support will be provided so that you get the most out of your learning. There’s an option to do this course full time or part time. Choosing the full time option means that both levels must be completed within a week. Choosing the part time option means you can do it in the evenings over 8-10 weeks with 2 hours a week. Pass rates for this course have been very high.

These courses are designed for people who wish to gain a career in finance or accounting at a less time and cost.

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