It doesn’t matter where in the world you want to work, gaining experience or qualifications in London is invaluable. As one of the biggest business hubs on the planet, London has plenty to offer those who are looking to climb the career ladder. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the benefits of gaining work experience or qualifications in London – if you want to build a career around the world. There are many benefits of work experience in London.

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Qualifications in London

Some of the most prestigious learning establishments in the world are based in London. In fact, just stating that you’ve studied in London, on your resume, will impress many businesses around the world. Business English courses are becoming increasingly popular for London students, hoping to build their career in countries across the globe. These courses focus on the particular dynamics of communicating in a business setting, while also being perfect entryways into an MBA. Proving that you are not only adept in Business English, but have studied this in one of the biggest economic capitals, will only bolster your career efforts around the globe.

Work Experience in London

As mentioned, London is one of the biggest economic centres on the planet. Gaining work experience in the city will have a range of incredible benefits for your CV or resume. Smaller businesses in different parts of the world will be impressed by the experienced you’ve garnered in London, knowing how much of a competitive environment it is. If you can work in such a high-pressure setting, then most other job roles will seem like a breeze. There are hundreds of Head Office, HQs and big name brands situated in the city of London. Including some prestigious financial organisations. While getting your foot in the door may be difficult, the value they can add to your CV is invaluable.

Top Tips for Gaining Work Experience or Qualifications in London

Now that you know how many benefits working or studying in London may have, you may be wondering how to go about reaping those rewards. Here are our top tips for gaining work experience or qualifications in London:

  • Pick the course that’s right for you – and for your prospects. As mentioned, Business English is becoming increasingly popular with students who want to step into the corporate world. Make sure that the course you choose suits both your needs and the needs of your chosen career path.
  • Work hard on your CV. Trying to land a job in London can be tough work to start, but will be worth it all in the end. Make sure your CV is up to scratch and gain some other work experience before heading straight for the big name brands.
  • Make a plan. Where is it you want to work in the world? And what is it you want to do? Perhaps you already have your heart set on working for a particular company, on the other side of the globe. Do your research and find out exactly what it is they’re looking for. You should always have a well thought out plan in place.
  • If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Want to work in a certain industry or with a specific company? While they may not be advertising jobs, they could be on the lookout for people. There’s no harm in sending your resume, backed up with an incredible cover letter.

Gaining work experience or qualifications in London is a surefire way to impress potential employers across the globe. Spend a bit of time in the capital, working on your CV, and you’ll soon be on the career path of your dreams.

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