Executive Assistant Salaries in the Gulf States

Here you can find some critical data on Executive Assistant Salaries in the Gulf States. two of the largest centres for Executive Assistant Jobs in the Gulf are Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We have also included below information for the neighbouring Gulf States. This region is unusual, as many Executive Assistants are expats from around the world. We updated this data in October 2022 for the cities with the most significant number of Executive Assistants Jobs in the UAE and wider GCC.

Executive Assistant Salaries in Dubai

Salary Survey in the GCC

Dubai saw the highest number of Executive Assistant Jobs. However, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and Qatar offered many Executive Assistant jobs. Based on October exchange rates to US Dollars, the highest salaries were in Abu Dhabi. These were primarily in Financial Services and Oil and Gas.

Dubai offers a very similar level of salaries to Abu Dhabi. However, there are many Executive Assistant Jobs in Dubai in the sheer number of roles. Often a large number of jobs can lead to a slightly lower average.

Executive Assistant Salaries in the Gulf States by city

Below you will see the salaries of Executive Assistants from major cities across the GCC.

CityAverage Salary (Monthly)Higher End Salaries (Monthly)Average Bonuses (Annual)
Dubai12,000 AED20,000 AED12,000 AED
Abu Dhabi12,500 AED24,000 AED16,000 AED
Qatar10,000 QAR21,000 QAR12,000 QAR
Jeddah5,000 SAR7,000 SAR15,000 SAR
Oman750 OMR1,500 OMR500 OMR
Kuwait600 KWD700 KWD600 KWD
Bahrain700 BHD850 BHD6,000 BHD
Riyadh8,000 SAR16,000 SAR11,000 SAR

The highest-paying locations in the GCC, outside of the UAE, were Qatar and Riyadh. So again, we can see more substantial salary levels in multinationals, Oil and Gas, Financial Services and some governmental agencies.


Many people reading this article may be from other countries and looking to work as an Expat in the GCC. One thing that you should be aware of is that many Executive Assistant Jobs have a significant bonus. Bonuses are often an expectation, and you may have yet to experience such a large bonus in your home country.

Additionally, many locations offer tax-free salaries, which makes the pay package much higher than in other countries.

UAE Executive Assistant Salaries

Based on October exchange rates, Abu Dhabi boasted monthly salaries of $3,400 for an average and $6,560 for higher-end wages. The salaries are exceptionally high and slightly beat Executive Assistant Salaries in Dubai. However, both cities have high living costs, which anyone should consider.

Executive Assistant Salaries in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh offers the most Executive Assistant Jobs, and the salaries are the highest in Saudi Arabia. The level of wages is similar in both the UAE and Qatar. The jobs also offered great bonuses and benefits consistently.

Quality of life

Work-life balance varied depending on the type of industry. For example, many Executive Assistants in Financial Services reported longer or irregular work hours. However, they did also offer excellent salaries. Work-life balance and living quality are something to consider. Some lower-paid Executive Assistant Jobs in Oman or Bahrain offer lower living costs, which may contribute to a better quality of life.

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