Trello is a work-planning tool. The App helps you to organise your work and to ensure that you schedule longer-term tasks and multi-task effectively. It provides you with a clear picture of the functions that you are working on, and it maps your progress. It is ideal for routine work planning and more complex projects. This App is a popular system for Executive Assistants and can help you increase productivity and manage more complex work.

Work planning

Many professions have taken to working with Trello. Some notable professions include:

  • Executive Assistants
  • PAs
  • Event Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Virtual Assistants

Many more professionals are using this App to help prioritise their tasks. An above list is only a small number of careers that can benefit from using Trello.

Why is Trello popular?

The App helps teams work collaboratively from remote locations. Naturally, this means it has become more prevalent in our work-from-home environment.

Trello possesses several elements to help you work as a team and prioritise work, including:

  • Boards
  • Lists
  • Cards

One of the things that people like about the Trello format is that it shows work tasks to be started, work in progress and completed. The Japanese Kanban System is the model on that Trello was built. This Kanban system was developed by Toyota to enable teams to improve their processes. Trello can collaborate with your team members on shared work tasks. It can be used by management to track progress on work and projects. Additionally, it can be used to share critical information.

Is Trello hard to learn?

The App makes it easy for new users to enter the system, and there are many tutorials and cheap or free courses. You can use our App immediately after signing up. There is a free service available, and if you like, you can sign up for the paid service.

The App is mobile-friendly. This enables you to use the system remotely. The mobile app is top-rated. The visuals are very popular because it allows you to see all your workflows in one view and then break them down in more detail. You find courses to learn how to use Trello at Atlassian University: CLICK HERE