You will perform various roles as an Executive Assistant to help your manager deliver their business goals. This means that the role can be diverse. You will be expected to perform various roles, but one you might not think would fall within your job description is social media management. However, Executive Assistants are being increasingly relied upon to handle social media on behalf of their employers.

Here we will discuss the importance of social media for an Executive Assistant and what you can do to help your employer succeed in navigating the world of social media every day.

Social Media for an Executive Assistant

Every business knows that social media is a vital part of daily operations. Social media is an effective marketing tool. This marketing method provides companies with nearly unlimited reach, and most platforms are free. Smaller businesses, particularly high-level executives within a big company, often have an independent social media account they will post on regularly. This could be sharing information relevant to the business, establishing a relationship with followers, or simply positioning themselves as thought leader within the industry.

Social Media is a business skill that enables an Executive Assistant to become more business-minded and develop business-related skills. Modern Executive Assistants are expected to develop business skills. Social Media is one of the areas in which Executive Assistants are increasingly asked to be involved.

You will typically be asked to communicate with the general public on behalf of your employer, acting as if you were them. This is normal if you work at a smaller company and you are tasked with running and administering social media marketing campaigns. However, if you work at a larger company, you can still have social media tasks. The most significant is the requirement to run a manager’s LinkedIn campaign. This is not at all easy.

Top Tips For Social Media Management

Social media management can be challenging if you’re approaching it for the first time. Let’s take a look at a few top tips for managing social media on behalf of your employer:

  • Try to avoid commenting on controversial or political topics unless directly asked to by your employer. It’s not good for public figures to be seen as having one particular leaning.
  • Don’t try to be funny or witty. The tone is easily misunderstood on social media. Communicate in a friendly, neutral way.
  • If your employer wants you to comment on certain events or situations, make sure that you clearly understand their views on the subject.

So, it’s clear that social media management is becoming a normal part of an executive assistant’s duties. As your employer’s official representative, you must perfectly conduct yourself while using their social media. You should aim to be courteous to all and avoid inflammatory comments. We offer Social Media Courses and Digital Marketing Courses for our students. Please click on the links to find out more details.