Executive Assistant Salaries in Switzerland

For our Swiss members, we have compiled a study on Executive Assistant Salaries in Switzerland. Swiss EA wages are some of the highest in Europe. However, this is to be expected, as Switzerland is a very high wage economy. We have used some will respected job and employment databases to update this data up to January 2023 for the cities with the most significant number of Executive Assistants Jobs in Switzerland. In Zurich, we recorded large variances in Executive Assistant salaries. Senior jobs such as; Executive Assistants to CEOs and other C-Level Executives gained significantly higher wages. Zurich offers the largest number of jobs in these areas. Additionally, we have added Austrian data to include our Austrian members.

Executive Assistant Salaries in Switzerland

Executive Assistant Pay in Switzerland

Swiss salaries are significantly higher than most neighbouring countries. Naturally, the cost of living and other less direct issues should be considered for anyone seeking an Executive Assistant Job in Switzerland. Swiss EAs, like most of the world, have seen significant growth in flexible working in the last few years. This has been a popular change for many EAs.

Pay Range for Executive Assistant in Switzerland by city

Below you can see the main cities in Switzerland and expected salaries. You can see the average Executive Assistant pay in Switzerland and what a high-paying job will pay. You will also notice that we have added Vienna for our Austrian members.

CityAverage SalaryHigher End Salaries
ZurichCHF 107,375CHF 123,000
GenevaCHF 107,539CHF 121,000
BaselCHF 100,000CHF 113,000
LausanneCHF 109,000CHF 113,000

The two highest-earning cities for Executive Assistants are Geneva and Zurich. This is not surprising as the largest employers with the most senior Executive Assistant jobs can be found in these cities. The lower salaries in Basel are very similar to the Swiss national average. If you are interested in looking at neighbouring countries, you can see that Swiss wages are higher than equivalent roles in France or Germany

Quality of Life

Salary surveys tend to focus on financials, but you must consider the quality of life issue. The pattern is that more extended hours and more stressful roles often come with high-paying Executive Assistant jobs. The benefits offered in Executive Assistant Jobs in Switzerland can vary; you should pay attention to this. Swiss compensation can be a little different to other European countries, so please research if you are new to the country.  

Zurich Executive Assistant Salaries

Zurich has some of the highest salaries in Europe for an Executive Assistant. It is Switzerland’s largest city that offers far more Executive Assistant Jobs than any other city. Zurich has a large financial services industry that offers high-paying roles. There are also many headquarters, which offer more Executive Assistants to the CEO or similar, and these pay much better than more junior Executive Assistant Jobs. 

Executive Assistant Salaries in Geneva

Geneva offers fewer roles than Zurich, but the salary is still very high. Numerous international organisations and private sector companies provide higher salaries. 

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