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Broaden your skills to boost PA Careers

Personal Assistant Careers in a competitive job market like London are very difficult to stay ahead of other competitors for the best jobs. To give yourself the chance to keep your career going and developing, you need to give your skills a regular update. The key thing is that you can opt to do more

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HR for a PA and Office Manager

The nature of the Human Resources (HR) role of an Executive Assistant (EA) or Office Manager (OM) will depend greatly on the size of the organisation. Larger companies need to specialise in functions such as marketing, finance, administration etc. and HR is no exception. HR is a key function in the modern enterprise as the

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How to be a top performer

In order to progress your career, you should have a plan and a goal. Set your goals for 5 year periods and then see if you have achieved your goals. Obviously, there is some behind the scenes work to be done. You need a positive attitude and equip yourself with the necessary skills in order

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Delegation of tasks for an Executive PA – Career Skills

Delegating to others is a difficult skill to master. This is because partly we feel that we are imposing on others. Most of us like to be liked by our colleagues. The concept of appearing bossy or dominating our colleagues is something that we do not want. The other thing is that many of us

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Career route for PAs and Secretaries

Administrative professionals have not up to now got a clear design on the options for them to progress their careers. All too often someone working in administration or a PA or Secretary will not have set out a clear career path that enables them to pursue an end goal that involves both gaining more responsibility,

2015-02-27T20:50:00+00:00February 27th, 2015|Executive PA|

Promote your career as an Office Professional or PA

Whether you are a receptionist, administration assistant, PA or secretary, it is your responsibility to manage and promote your career and highlight the importance of your job. To this end, you need to have confidence in yourself and your skills. You should step back and take an objective look at your skills. Do you need

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PA looking to change careers

Job markets have increasingly become more competitive, which has led to many professionals widening their skills and experience in order to keep on top of things. This has applied to the PA job market, which has seen PAs getting more involved in a wide range of areas. Nowadays, it is common to see job applications

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PA Work Life Balance: Manage your time effectively at work

Nowadays we lead such busy lives with so little time in which to do it. We have friends to meet, places to go calls to make, many other things to do and then, of course, there is Facebook. In the workplace, with each promotion, there is more you have to do and the 24 hour

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How to transition to an Executive level PA

There are numerous skills that need to be acquired in order to make a move from PA to Executive level. However, one that is much understated but extremely important is taking control of your role and career. When you are at lower grade jobs, you will much more receive the objectives and aims for your

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