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Why knowing Microsoft Office is vital for a PA

On almost all job adverts for a Personal Assistant, you will see the requirement to be competent or even highly skilled in Microsoft Office. Why is Microsoft Office important to a PA, and how can you ensure your skills are up to scratch? Why Microsoft Office skills are vital for a PA Working as a

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The types of training and skills for a PA or Executive Assistant.

I would firstly like to clarify that there is a difference between UK and US English. The UK refers to the PA Job title and is the equivalent to the US English Executive Assistant. In the UK, an Executive Assistant is as the name suggests a much higher level of professional who supports a top-level

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Broaden your skills to boost PA Careers

Personal Assistant Careers in a competitive job market like London are very difficult to stay ahead of other competitors for the best jobs. To give yourself the chance to keep your career going and developing, you need to give your skills a regular update. The key thing is that you can opt to do more

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PA and Executive PA Jobs Explained

All too often I encounter people on my PA and Executive PA training courses that are already working in the industry but are not clear on exactly is the difference between an Executive PA and a PA. This is an issue and it's all the more confusing when companies blur the line between the different

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Become a Bookkeeper and work from home with a new career

Government figures show the number of women registered as self-employed went up to 1.357 million which is a 5.3 per cent rise for the period of the last quarter of 2012 and the last quarter of 2013. Whereas the figures for men show self-employment rose by only 2.8 per cent. At the same time, there

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Secrets of Minute Taking

Minute taking is a key to any Administrators career. Secretaries, PAs and Admin Assistants should look towards developing this skill. The skills of being a good minute taker are not that easy to master. You should realistically be able to go into any type of meeting and take accurate minutes. Why is this so important?

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